Sportmedizinische Ambulanz der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal

Target groups

Diseases of the heart and the circulatory system are one of the leading mortality risks. Central risk factors for these diseases are overweight, stress and physical inactivity. The latter is underestimated, although organizations such as the International Federation of Sports Physicians (FIMS) or the American Heart Association recognize lack of exercise as a risk factor. In addition, physical activity as a treatment concept is considered equally effective to drug therapy and in many cases costs are lot lower.

Qualified employees are the greatest capital of a modern company. For this reason, the health of employees is inevitably also of great interest to a company and workplace health promotion is financially supported. In this regard we would like to offer you an opportunity to strengthen, maintain or improve the health of your employees.

Health promotion helps you to:

  • diminishing the sickness rates on a long term basis
  • increase of health literacy in employees
  • improve satisfaction at work and as well as work atmosphere
  • enhance well-being and performance of employees

We would be pleased to prepare an individual offer for an health promotion project, designed and adapted to your and your company`s needs to improve the health of your employees. Feel free to contact us.→ Contact